“School Carnival Guide: How to Run an Elementary School Carnival for Fun and Profit” by Jack Corcoran reveals how schools can raise more funds at a school carnival.

Elementary schools are increasingly faced with funding shortages.  Some teachers have to buy basic school supplies for their classrooms out of their pockets.  Programs such as art and music are being cut or eliminated.  And the list goes on and on…

School carnivals can help pay for drug education programs, playground equipment, and other purposes.

This book is complete guide to planning and running a successful elementary school carnival.  Building on the experiences of thousands of school carnival committees, fundraising groups will be able to plan and run their carnival smoothly, while still generating a nice profit.

The 200+ page book includes chapters on planning a carnival, determining a budget, enlisting volunteers, publicity, advertising, games, rides, activities, entertainment, contests, and more…


Available in both paperback and kindle formats at Amazon.

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"This book was so full of amazing tips and information that I needed to host a successful School Carnival. I have this on my Kindle and I can take it with me and access the information as I need it. The writer kept it interesting and easy to understand. Well worth the money I would recommend it to any school activities organiser."
"This book is the great step-by-step resource for the person who has never put together a school carnival, but will also probably provide some new ideas for the experienced carnival coordinator as it covers so many topics in such good detail. Specifics regarding what committees to set up, how to recruit volunteers and solicit sponsorships, and how to publicize the event were not only informative but empowering. The descriptions of the many games, activities and contests, along with helpful hints from the author based on his many years of experience, are easy and fun to read and often supported by photos. The appendices which include sample letters and forms along with places to order prizes are worth the price of the book alone."
"What a wonderful way to build community within your school while participating in an exciting fundraising event.”
“This well-organized book is a valuable resource for individuals or groups planning a school carnival. Full of ideas, tips and sage advice for beginners and experienced carnival planners.”